Graduation projects

Liquid Tin in ASML lithography machines

June 08th 2019

Liquid Tin is used in the latest generation ASML machines to produce Extreme Ultaviolet (EUV) light. Your assignment is to investigate the possibility of transporting liquid Tin under vacuum conditions using electromagnetic ESM pumps. Contact: David Smeulders.

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Rarefied gases for ASML Lithography

May 20th 2019

This work deals with low-pressure gas flows in ASML machines. Numerical computations are carried out. Contact: Arjan Frijns.

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Beyond the thermal comfort zone

May 20th 2019

This work deals with thermal comfort for man in the built environment. A thermal model for man is constructed and experiments are carried out. Contact: Arjan Frijns.

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Smart materials for flexible compressors

May 20th 2019

Smart materials to be used for flexible pump walls. Contact: Rick de Lange.

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Cooler refrigerator technology

June 02nd 2019

Design tools are used to increase the energy efficiency of cooling systems. Contact: Arjan Frijns.

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SLING project at MARIN

June 05th 2019

The Sloshing of Liquefied Natural Gas (SLING) research project is examining sloshing impacts in LNG tanks on vessels. Contact: David Smeulders

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