Renewable energy storage


In order to store fluctuating electricity supply from offshore wind parks, conversion into e-methane is forseen. This gas can be stored in existing Dutch gas storage facilities such as Gasopslag Bergermeer. In periods of so-called ‘Dunkelflaute’ (no wind, no sun), our e-methane is converted back into electricity to be supplied to the grid. In this way, a fully closed cycle is obtained. This research is in collaboration with the EMMET Foundation (

heat battery

Low temperature space heating and domestic water heating consume most of the energy in the built environment. In the Netherlands, this energy is almost exclusively supplied by conventional gas-fired boilers. Replacing these by all-electric heat pumps can only be part of the solution due to limited capacity of the electricity grid which already has to adapt to the large-scale introduction of intermittant renawables (solar and wind). Moreover, traditional air-water heat pumps are noisy which makes them a less intuitive choice for densily populated district areas. So why not use the heat of the sun directly? Solar energy on a diurnal and seasonal basis is a potential gamechanger indeed. To mitigate the intermittent nature of solar energy availability, thermal storage is of paramount importantance.

smart energy products

We also work on the design, development and production of components for smart energy grids such as Building Integrated PV (BIPV). This program is carried out in an EU framework

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